Nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Shu Shu and this is my new blog. WELCOME! The image on the left is probably the most recent and least embarrassing one of me. I usually look like the image on the right.

My friend says I look like Buzz Lightyear. That observation is not inaccurate.

I’ve been going through quite a few changes in my life. I recently got my licence and I moved in with my partner (INDEPENDENCE AMIRITE). Things are certainly changing in my world and I think it’s about time I start a new blog. There was nothing really wrong with the old blog I had, but I’ve had it for a few years and it’s certainly boring me a bit. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of Blogspot’s UX so I’m going to give WordPress a go.

I’ve had blogs before (started blogging when I was 16), and I also read blogs. I understand what I need to do to promote a blog, get readers etc, but I’ve never applied any of this knowledge to my own blog. I guess I’m scared of what people will think, which is silly. So, I will work harder to promote, put myself out there and be a bit vulnerable. I sometimes think my opinions are wrong, which is probably the worst self-censorship a person can do to themselves.

Anyway, I’ve reached that point where I want to start taking my creative development a bit more seriously. I really want to use this blog to explore my writing and paintings. You know how you go to parties and people ask what you do? A lot of people name actual occupations like nurse, doctor, teacher etc. I just name the organisation I work for. Career-wise, I honestly don’t know what I AM, and I think that’s probably OK for the time being. I hope to use this blog to figure it out. Maybe one day I will be able to confidently say I am *insert occupation*.

So, I just want to say: hey, my name is Shu Shu. I’m trying to find myself and I’m looking forward to becoming friends with you. YERR.


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