My Week In Review: Party planning, pets and liquid eye liner

Boy, last week was crazy!

Last Friday, my work celebrated its third birthday. I was in charge of planning the party and it was a very interesting month. I’m a noob at events planning, so I learned a great deal from this experience. I got help from Imogen from Hub Melbourne, who has a lot of experience in planning events, and my team at work. My team were really helpful when I was freaking out and Imogen was just amazing to work with. I learned so much from her.

There are a few things I would do differently if I had to plan a second event. In general, I’d be more organised and plan everything better. I think what makes Imogen such a great events planner is because she really takes care of the small details, which make the events just that much more special.

I spent the week driving around the CBD buying booze and food for the party. There were so many small but important things that had to get done at last minute and it was all really stressful. Not to mention, I had to take time out one day to go to a presentation workshop. In the end, the party turned out really well, and the bosses, I think, are pleased. They seemed to have a good night. We had about 200 people there, the DJ was great and there was enough food and booze. And we bought a giant panda at Costco.


Now that the party is over, my body has decided to break down a bit. I’ve got some kind of cold. My chest feels very congested, I have a dry cough and I’m gross and snotty. I had a feeling this would happen so I’m very grateful I have today off! I also got the chance to do some painting, which always makes me happy.


I also played with some liquid eyeliner. I’m terrible at it, but I bought a cheap one to practice the skills with. I also looked at this tutorial, which makes it look really easy! I think I just need to practice a bit more.


In other news, I visited my parents this weekend for Mother’s Day (we had yum cha!) and got to hang out with my dogs. When we left, my dog Momo was sad to see us go. I always feel really sad when I don’t get to hang out with my dogs. I guess it’s all part of this “growing up”/moving out process.


Anyway, I have this cute cat to occupy my time with. We usually have cuddle times in the evenings. Her name is Sakai and she is a named after a Japanese activist. I always think she’s named after the French Ironchef Hiroyuki Sakai. Ha.


Hope you’re all having a good week. What did you get up to this weekend?


3 thoughts on “My Week In Review: Party planning, pets and liquid eye liner

  1. haha Chef Sakai. So cute. I love getting all your cat snaps!!!
    Your party was amazing, I’m so proud of you.. sorry I was drunk and swearing lots in the car on the way home. oops.
    We need to find a new excellent food place to lunch at and be trendsetters again. I also want to dine upon that kim chi pancake again!
    also, re: eyeliner.. it took me a while to get it any good. i just leave extra time when i’m getting ready to mess it up

    1. Nah Susie you were a delight. I’m very glad you were able to make it :) Yes, I’m always on the look out for new cool food places. I really want to try out huxtaburger in the city but I want to wait till the hype dies down. Then again, will the hype ever die down? Eye liner stuff is tricky. I just need more practice. The woman in the tutorial uses a maybelline one and Erin said the sportsgirl one is legit. Need to suss it out. I’m so fixated on liquid eye liner after seeing you wear it so well! And then I noticed all the actors on Once Upon a Time are wearing it too!

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