4 Things I’ll do when I get free time

I’ve been working on this film project for two weeks and it occurred to me only on Saturday there’s still another two weeks of work left. It’s made me appreciate my free time a whole lot more. All the things I’ve always wanted/needed to do but never got around doing will be first priority when I’m free. Most importantly, I need to get my bloody car serviced. It’s been making strange noises!

So here goes. Things I will be doing once I am free:

1) Get a haircut.

I literally haven’t cut my hair since 2011. After I outgrew my Tegan and Sara hair phase, I wanted long, fluffy hair that you can flip. Now that it’s long, it’s also a tad unhealthy. I have to braid it to sleep so it’s easier to brush in the mornings. I’m thinking about giving it a short trim, and maybe adding a blunt fringe. OR I could cut it chin length and dye it peroxide blonde. Hmm.

2) Go to more gigs

One of the things I thought I’d do more of when I moved out was see more live music. I live in an area with lots of live music joints so it’s astounding why I haven’t done this yet. Several musos related to my work have got gigs coming up in July and I’m desperately hoping I’ll get a chance to see their gigs and meet them in real life.

3) Visit art galleries and do more painting in general

I’ve managed to squeeze some time in between this film project to do a spot of painting but I feel all I do is paint images I find online. I haven’t done any original stuff and it’s frustrating me. Part of it comes down to lack of skill but I also lack a bit of inspiration. I hope going to galleries will at least get me itching to paint or try new techniques.

4) ‘Revamp’ my style.

OK this one I’m a bit embarrassed about. I am sartorially bored. I want to have fun with fashion, but I’m also not bold enough to dabble in more daring trends. I’m thinking about investing in a really good winter coat, pair of jeans and maybe a pair of boots that go up to my knees. I’m going to NYC at the end of the year (did I mention that?) so these investments will prove useful. I should check out some fashion blogs, maybe create a Pinterest board. What trends in fashion are you really digging these days?

So, if you’ve had a busy few weeks, what would be some of the things you’d do when you get free time?


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