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I met Tiffany when I was 12 and she was 1. She floated down the stairs, her white curls bouncing with each step. She was adorable. I held my fist out for her to sniff, just the way I was taught in school. Instead of sniffing my fist, Tiffany gave it a hefty licking. Her affection melted my heart. I loved her instantly.

Tiffany is now 12, going on 13. This week I found out Tiffany has a malignant mammary tumor and it’s not looking good. She has sores oozing pus on her belly. She’s wearing a cone to stop herself from licking off her medication. Because of her age and her weak heart, removing the tumor isn’t the right option for us. I don’t think her heart can handle the anesthetic. On the off chance that she is able to handle it, it will be an agonising process for her to recover from surgery and we don’t want that. We want her to be as comfortable as possible.

maltese dog looking happy despite having to wear a cone

When a beloved family pet gets sick, it’s tough for everyone. I’m heartbroken. I’ve never felt more devastated. My mum said we shouldn’t own pets because it’s too painful.

I want to enjoy every moment I get to spend with her and our other dog Momo. Tiffany still follows me around the house like a puppy. She still flops down on the ground when she wants her belly rubbed and gets over excited when it’s dinner time.

I just dread the day when it all stops.

four photos of a shih tzu and a maltese


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