So this week I made some shit financial decisions.

A few weeks ago, I drove over a nail, puncturing my car tyres. I had to get the tyres replaced, then the tyre people said they had to replace my breaks because they were not in a good shape. Long story short, I was quite a bit out of pocket. Then I bought a shit load of gin from this great Pozible project (think $360 worth) because I love it so much. WUT. On Friday, Sportsgirl‘s “20% OFF EVERYTHING” lured me into their shop like a moth to a flipping flame. Luckily, the things I tried on didn’t look great on. Unluckily for depleting funds, I decided I just needed three varying shades of dark plums and purples for lipsticks.
I swear, no more unnecessary purchases till Christmas!

I’m not a big make up person, mainly because I’m too lazy to wake up early enough to do it every morning. I wish I did though, it looks like so much fun. Buying make up can be pretty exciting but overwhelming at the same time, especially when you’re trying to find your “signature” lip/eye colour. I love MAC but I don’t know where to start when I visit their counters at the department stores. I also feel really awkward putting the actual lipstick on. At MAC, the assistants are really great with cleaning the lipsticks, but I sometimes just want to play with the colours without having to bother the assistants. Then there are places where you just don’t know where the lipsticks have been, especially at chain stores that have a beauty counter. At Sportsgirl, I was just awkwardly smudging colour on with my finger.

I’m actually pretty pleased with how all the colours look. When I tested them on the back of my hands, I noticed the colours are warmer than they look on the container. I also noticed the Sportsgirl lipstick lasts ages compared to my Revlon and Anna Sui lipsticks. I think it might be because the colours are darker so they stain my lips more. Perhaps someone who uses their lighter colours can vouch for their long-lasting-ness?


Colour: Dark Angel
Brand: Sportsgirl
Cost: $9.95

It’s probably a little late for me to jump on the “dark lips” bandwagon, considering it’s such a winter look. I always thought I couldn’t get away with it because I’m not pale enough. I reckon it looks all right! I just need to be less clumsy in my application. I think the colour is more red-blue than a brown-red.


Colour: Love Bite
Brand: Sportsgirl
Cost: $9.95

I feel I’ve finally found a red lipstick that suits my skin tone! This one has more of a blue-base so it looks a bit pink/purple.


Colour: Berrylicious
Brand: Sportsgirl
Cost: $9.95

The colour on the lipstick is heaps paler and bluer than it looks when I put it on. I really like it though, I feel this would be a good “everyday” colour.

Got a favourite lipstick and colour? Please share!


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