The past week in New York City has been a mixture of emotions. My grandfather’s been in hospital for two weeks. He’s had lung cancer for about 2.5 years and he was admitted to hospital because there’s too much fluid in his lungs. His health deteriorated rapidly and now needs a machine to help him breathe. He can’t talk anymore, he’s bed-ridden and we have to wear isolation gowns to visit him. Things just don’t look good. My grandma’s made the decision to remove the tube that’s helping him breathe but there have been some administration errors which is delaying the process.

My dad’s been spending the nights with my grandpa for the past week, making sure my he’s OK. Several times he’s tried to pull the tubes out himself. He sometimes forgets he has to stay in bed and tells us he wants to get up and walk or take a shower. I did one of these night shifts with my dad and it was so tough. We have to stay up just in case he has any discomfort. When he’s finally settled down and we can get a bit of sleep, the sounds of the machines keep us awake. I can’t imagine what it’s like doing this for a week or more.

There’s not much I can do right now to help, other than visit him and massage his knees and ankles while he sleeps. My uncle has told us not to cry or show sadness. My grandfather is buddhist and apparently if we show sadness, my grandpa’s spirit can’t move on to the next phase. So, we’ve been trying to keep it together.

All my relatives urge us to visit the city while we’re here but I feel really guilty about not being with my grandpa and my dad. We have done a few touristy things, though. I took my mum and brother to Times Square, got scammed by people dressed as the Cookie Monster and ate overpriced sandwiches. My brother and I went to The Met to check out some awesome art and finally had some Shake Shack (totes delicious). Dad took a night off and we went to visit his aunt, then headed into the city for lunch at Katz’s deli (the pastrami sandwich is so good) and wandered around 5th Avenue because my parents love luxe labels like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Feel free to follow my instagram account for more photos:




I’m hoping to take my family to the Brooklyn flea market, have some good quality steak, frequent a few bars, go to a broadway show and a few gigs, visit more art galleries and do some more shopping. As always, any recommendations on what to do and eat are more than welcome.

Hope you’ve all had a swell Christmas and have a good New Year’s!


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