What I’ve been up to…

Ah it’s been ages since I’ve updated the blog. I’ve just been really busy with work and other things and to be honest, I’ve also been feeling pretty under confident about my writing. This is going to sound dumb but I’m almost scared to write and blog because if it’s bad, then it would confirm to me that I am terrible at it! I’ve been journalling recently so hopefully, even if what I’m writing is terrible, at least I’m doing some kind of writing.

So what’s been happening since the last time I blogged? A lot and also, not much.

I’m in a band!

My friend Rose Wintergreen is an amazing musician and I’m so happy to say I’m part of her new band. I’m one of three back up singers, and there’s also a pianist and a violinist. We’ve played a couple of intimate gigs at Longplay. It’s so much fun! I’m really excited to say we’ll be performing at The Toff (!!) for Rose’s single launch on July 23, with guests Sweets and AViVAA. I wanna be cool about it but I’m pretty freaking excited. You guys should totally come along to the show, it’s gonna be a great night of music: http://tickets.thetoffintown.com/event/view/jptyvm7bx

I cut my hair!


So those of you who know what I look like, I used to have pretty long hair. It was in decent condition minus the split ends but I was getting pretty bored of it. I had thought about cutting my hair since the end of last year but only got it done a couple of weeks ago.

Mia+Wasikowska+Stoker+New+York+Screening+Arrivals+F91uSdDdwKAl Tina4 10449147_554639487992099_1049972040_n

I went to the hair dressers with a photo of Mia Wasikowska and left looking a little more Tina Belcher. Regardless, I am enjoying it, especially how much time I’ve saved not having to comb out knots and braid my hair every morning. WOO. I went to the lovely folks at Miss Gertrude’s. Check them out.

My interview with Colour Box Studio!

I feel very honoured to have the really awesome people at Colour Box Studio interview me about creativity and crowdfunding for their blog. If you’ve never heard of Colour Box Studio, they are a pop up arts space and online creative hub. They showcase a lot of local artists and put on great workshops to help you build or learn new skills and meet new people. They’ve got loads of workshops coming up and they’ve recently opened up an online shop to sell the great stuff local artists are creating. Do show them some love.

And you can read my interview here: http://colourboxstudio.com/crowdfunding-creativity-dessert-with-shu-shu-zheng-of-pozible/ 

That’s roughly it for me. What have you been up to recently? 


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