Getting Oily

Liam and my housemate Lucas infused three bottles of oil a few months ago: chilli, mandarine peel and rosemary. We haven’t properly used them in any cooking so I can’t wait to drizzle some over pasta or, god forbid, a salad.

One night Lucas borrowed my Lightcase, which is this nifty little box that diffuses light and adds a nice backdrop when photographing small things. Lucas used it to photograph a bottle of whisky but the whisky was a little too tall for the light box. I decided to photograph the infused oils as they were bottled in smaller bottles.

The Lightcase is designed so you can photograph amazing photos with your phone. I had my dadd’s special Nikon camera with me so I dedcided to use that instead. It’s just amazing what good light and a good camera can do!

mandarine chilli

I’m looking forward to using the Lightcase to photograph some baked goods or new jewellery. Oh and this photo of our cat Bearclaw is too cute not to share. He’s been really naughty these few weeks, killing rats inside the house. I don’t care about the rats so much, but it bothers me when he brings the dirty things into the house for a rumble. Germs much?

Who knew such a pretty face could be a vicious killer.



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