Dog Lovin’ at Bauhouse Dog cafe!


One of the places I wanted to visit in Seoul was a dog cafe. We’ve all heard of cat cafes but Korea has cat, dog and even sheep cafes! We went to Bauhouse Dog Cafe in Hongdae, and it was the best three hours of my life.

Bauhaus opens at 1:30pm so when we got there, we were half an hour early. We weren’t the only eager beavers there though! There was already a group of women there, and when we cam back at 1:30pm, a family of four also joined the queue.

A word of advice before you go here: wear clothes that repel dog hair. I made the mistake of wearing a new coat and stockings, which dog hair loves to cling to. Not sure what exact fabrics repel animal hair, but maybe something coarse and synthetic?

Bauhouse Dog Cafe is separated into two sections: small dogs and large dogs. Since the large dog section was bigger with more seats, we spent maybe two hours there. They’ve got these cards that tell you the name, gender, breed and age of each of the dogs, which was awesome. What I thought was a German Shepherd was actually a Belgian Sheepdog!


While there’s no fee to get into Bauhouse, you are required to buy a drink which costs about 7000 won. You can even buy dog treats from the cafe for the dogs. One woman bought some treats and she basically became their best friend.


As soon as we sat down, an old, possibly blind brittany spaniel sat next to me. He was very friendly and affectionate but moved on after the cafe workers replenished a bowl of water.


This little teddy bear of a dog saw Liam and decided he was his human and basically fell asleep on Liam’s lap. So adorable!


This cool labrador is called Ssong. We thought she was just an old fat lab but she’s actually just super pregnant. She was so affectionate and friendly and liked shaking hands. There was a moment where I caught Liam stretching across the table to give Ssong face pats. Looked like they were on a date! Ssong ended up falling asleep on my seat so I walked around the room to pet the other dogs. Liam’s nap buddy ended up heading over to the small dog section.


The big dogs are all really friendly and gentle. There are three samoyeds who just hang out together all the time. The Belgian Sheepdog and Alaskan Malamute would play fight each other for hours. Some of the dogs weren’t quite ready to interact with humans so they huddled in small nooks around the room.


When we moved to the small dog section, a chihuahua and mini poodle basically crawled onto Liam’s lap and fell asleep. I was pretty envious as I wanted all the dogs to sleep in my lap! Even Liam’s nap buddy from the big dog section came over for some pats.

IMG_0828 IMG_0832


The smaller dogs were just ADORABLE. They had these three fluffy brown pomeranians, a white pomeranian, heaps of chihuahuas and foxies, and a dachshund who was being hogged by a kid. There was also a terrified little puggle or pughuahua with a massive underbite who was being bullied by one of the poodles. I wanted to give it a cuddle but it was scared of everyone.


What I love about Bauhouse is they don’t just have “cute” dogs, they have old and young dogs, which is awesome. Judging from their instagram account, it looks like they take all the dogs for a walk in the morning before the cafe opens, which is awesome as some of the bigger dogs definitely need to go for a run.

I honestly could have stayed here for hours. If you are in Seoul, do come to Bauhouse for some dog loving. If you have a dog, you are allowed to bring your dog to the cafe so win!

For instructions on how to get to Bauhouse, check out this blog post:

3 thoughts on “Dog Lovin’ at Bauhouse Dog cafe!

  1. Aww! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip to Bau House! I’d love to go back there when I visit Seoul again (except I did walk away smelling rather… doggy. And missing a few plastic tags from my jacket :/ )

    Thanks for including my blog post with directions on how to get there. Look forward to reading more about your stories from Seoul :)

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