Get your Crunk on!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something about my trip to Korea so to ease into everything, I’m going to do a quick post about one of my favourite products discovered on this trip. No, this is not a makeup review. It’s a chocolate review. Boom.

One of the best purchases we made in Korea was this chocolate bar called Crunky. It’s similar to Crunch, except it’s thinner and you can taste the rice. Liam ducked out to the local convenience store to pick up some water and bought a bar. I don’t know what made him choose this bar because it’s quite modest in its packaging, but it does have a funky name so that could be it.

As soon as I took a bite, the malted, toasty flavour of the rice came through, followed by the sweetness of the chocolate. I prefer Crunky over Crunch because the rice to chocolate ratio is more balanced. It’s quite thin so it goes really quickly. The texture is similar to a wafer biscuit. Luckily most convenience stores in Korea sell Crunky in a combo deal, something like three Crunky bars for 2000 won, which is a little over AU$2. I would have happily bought the whole store’s worth of Crunky but Liam talked me out of it so we went to two different stores to buy a couple of bars.


A lot of blogs on the internet seem to hate on this humble chocolate, and I don’t really know why. Sometimes you don’t want a chocolate bar laced with chewy caramel and nuts. Sometimes, you just want a chocolate bar with a touch of funk, or this case, some crunk.


I went looking for the bar in Australia and I’ve found it at a few asian grocers in the CBD but they’re a bit different. First of all, the Crunky we import is the japanese kind, which has a box packaging and the bar is much thicker. Tastes the same though! They’ve also got Crunky in bitter, which I’m assuming is dark chocolate. Crunky is also pricier here, about $2.60-3.98 depending on where you go. The internet says Crunky also comes in strawberry flavour, but I haven’t seen any here.

What’s your favourite Asian chocolate?


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