But today can we pretend it’s not too late?


If you could fall tragically in love with a song, then Sean Lennon‘s ‘Tomorrow‘ was my greatest and saddest love. I can’t even listen to the song any more. This song is about two people who love each other but for some reason they can’t be together any more. They spend one more day together, making the most of it.

I remember the first time I listened to ’Tomorrow’, I just wanted to listen to this one song for the rest of my life. I played it on repeat, burned it onto a CD so I could listen to it in the shower. I just loved singing along to it; I often pretended Sean and I were singing a duet. I don’t know why I was so in love with this song. It was just a very simple song. Maybe the song just had a really catchy chorus or refrain. Maybe I yearned for that sort of great and tragic love. Maybe at the time I was particularly heartbroken. Whatever it was, I listened to it almost every day. I think I ended up clocking around 300 – 500 plays in a year.

After a few years, this song I once sang along to became too difficult to listen to. Those romantic lyrics about promising to stop loving, thinking and dreaming about someone morphed into something else when my dogs died. Rather than a song about the end of a relationship, ‘Tomorrow’ became a reminder of how this wonderful chunk of my life no longer existed. I can’t even think about it without feeling my throat seize up.

Sometimes, I feel like I can’t talk about this grief because it feels almost silly to be this overwhelmed with loss over a dog, but I feel how I feel. I don’t consent to anyone making me feel like my grief for my dogs is less valid than if it was for a person. They’ve been in my life since I was twelve. They were my sisters, and their presence in my life gave me unimaginable joy and purpose.

I hope one day I’ll be able to listen to ‘Tomorrow’ again. In the meantime, I want you to enjoy the song as much as I did.


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