A sartorial fog


Everyone has that one item in their closet that encapsulates everything about them. Mine is my Sass bomber jacket with gold sequin sleeves. It fits well, makes me feel confident and lifts a simple striped tee and skinny jeans combo to new heights. I’ve had some really great nights wearing that jacket, and as an added bonus, it cost me $20 at a warehouse sale.

But there are other items lurking in my wardrobe I love just as much as that jacket but, for whatever reason, I can’t bear to part with them despite their ill fit. From a dress I bought in Cambodia that hugs my middle tight than it did three years ago to beautiful dresses I bought online whose fit were slightly off and, after weeks of um-ing and ah-ing meant I could not return it any more, these clothes grow stale in my draws, unable to dance on the bodies of others who can really make them shine. I’ve kept them because part of me wants to believe I will be thin like I was three years ago or I will be able to look great in that dress once I lose that pouch. The fact is, they’re just reminders of what I’m not right now, and rather than move forward and enjoy being in the present, these clothes add aspirational pressure and drag down my self-confidence.

I stumbled across this blog post on Design for Mankind via pinterest. Blogger Erin Loechner said she culled her wardrobe down to 25 items she absolutely loves and wears on a regular basis. She was asked if she felt wasteful for culling so much but she thought it was more wasteful to let items sit in her closet for months without any wear. Inspired by this post, I decided to cull my own wardrobe. Liam mentioned this to his sister and she said she was happy to take any clothes I didn’t want, which actually helped me be more ruthless with the culling process. I guess, knowing some of the more expensive items were going to someone you know made giving it away easier than just putting them in a charity bin. Like Loechner, I nailed it down to 25 items, but I didn’t include shoes, “gym gear” and outer wear in this list as I am a sucker for shoes and coats.

I gave the clothes to Liam’s sister and she was ecstatic about my second hand offerings. My Juicy Couture coat and bevy of pretty dresses fitted her like a glove. I’ll admit, I felt twinges of sadness as I handed over the clothes, but a pressure also lifted itself off my shoulders. I’m no longer reminded of what my body is not, and I’m no longer dressing for what I will be, but what I am now.

Have you culled your wardrobe recently? What was the hardest item to part with?


I’m Seoul Excited!


I’m going to Seoul next month with Liam! Flights and accommodation have all been booked and now comes the fun part: PLANNING AND RESEARCH! I’ve been reading lots about Seoul’s food and fashion scene and I just CANNOT wait to get there.  I’d like to blog while I am there but we’ll see.

If anyone has any recommendations on where I should go or any blogs/websites I should check out, let me know! I was actually really keen on visiting the Kimchi Museum (!!) but it’s closed down for now and won’t reopen till March. But I hear there’s lots of shopping around Myeongdog, Dongdaemun and Hongdae and loads of food everywhere.

This trip has come at a really great time. Liam was finally able to take leave from work and I will be leaving my current job just before Christmas. I don’t have anything lined up (I and am looking!) but I hope to use the spare time to work on my art, get into shape and learn Korean!

If anyone else is also doing Seoul research, I’d recommend you check out Seoulistic. It has pretty much everything you need to know about Seoul food, culture, shopping etc. I’ve also just created a Pinterest board to log all the useful articles and blogs. There’s nothing in it just yet but it will fill up soon!