First week of Funemployment


I’ve started catching up on some of the TV shows I’ve been wanting to watch. I love drama shows but I have to be in the right mood to watch them. I’m usually pretty mentally drained from work so I watch loads of (maybe too many) comedy shows. I pretty much devoured The Fall in a day and a bit and I’ve just finished season one of Fargo. INTENSE, GUYS! I’ll be moving on to True Detective. Other shows on my radar: Halt and Catch Fire (!!! Lee Pace *insert emoji with heart eyes*), Peaky Blinders, The Good Wife and Orphan Black. Hit me up with recommendations in the comments!

I’ve been doing more than just watching TV! Or at least, I’m trying to. When I was working full time, I always complained I never had time do anything creative so I’m really trying to use my time wisely now. I’m currently living at my parents’ place because I am acting chauffeur for my brother. He got a job at a restaurant and needs someone to pick him up after his late shifts. The change has been quite nice, although I do feel a little displaced. I feel reasonably relaxed at my parents’ place but I also feel like I’m living out of a suitcase, with my core belongings and clothes still at my place.

One of the things I started doing again is paint with watercolour. I thought I’d do something useful while bingeing on TV shows. It’s been really great! I painted a sunflower which I’m really happy with. It was sort of inspired by Klimt’s sunflower painting. I tried to paint something similar in acrylic paint but it didn’t quite work out.


I got together with my friend Edwina, who’s got a sweet little Etsy shop full of her craft projects, for an afternoon of painting. I painted this … thing. I don’t really know what it is but I quite like it, but also feel like it’s missing something. What do you think?


This week I’m focussing more on music. I haven’t played my ukulele in a while so I wanted to dedicate more of my time this week to music. It’s been really fun. I’ve stopped mucking around with song covers and started playing with chords and I think I wrote a song! I just need to nail down the lyrics. I’m finding the lyric part of songs really hard, probably because I don’t really know what to write about. I guess it’s like sitting down and trying to write a poem when you don’t know what you want to convey. Anyway, it’s obviously rough as at the moment. If it’s any good (or if it’s god awful), I’ll chuck it up on Soundcloud.

What awesome projects have you been doing this week?


Let’s Get Musical

What should I name my uke?
What should I name my uke?

My mental health is kinda rocky at the moment. I have some really terrible moments where I want to smash the reset button and other times, I am what they call “living in the moment” and just enjoying everything as it comes. I was doing pretty well last week but today’s been pretty crappy because of body image issues. URGH!

Anyway, last week, I bought myself a ukulele! I had a wonderful ukulele lesson with musician Georgia Fields a few weekends ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about music and how much fun it was. I actually wanted to buy myself a ukulele for my birthday but I never got the chance.

I’ve been trying to practice about two hours a day but it’s so hard to fit in time so I sometimes just do four to five hour chunks on the weekends. I’ve learned how to play Tegan and Sara‘s ‘Call It Off‘ and I have maybe seven chords memorised so I’ve been playing some Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Coldplay and Miley Cyrus. I’ve started to notice a lot of pop songs have the same four chords so that’s been fun.

One of the toughest things is singing while playing, especially when what you’re strumming is at a different tempo/rhythm (sorry I don’t know what the correct term is!) to what you’re singing. For example, Tegan and Sara’s ‘Walking With A Ghost‘ is really easy to play, just three chords. But the way you’re meant to strum it is (for me at least) really different to what you’re singing, so I’m trying to practice that as well. If anyone has any tips, please let me know!

In other exciting news, the first issue of the Grapple Annual is out now! I have three artworks in the lit journal and I couldn’t be more proud of this little publication. If you’re interested, please grab a copy of the Grapple Annual. There are only 365 issues printed!

let's get musical

What song should I learn on the ukulele?