When you’re just not productive…


I was asked last week to submit some drawings for a literary publication, which is very exciting. I know it doesn’t mean I will be published but it means I get to draw “with a purpose”. I’ve had a very busy and stressful week this week so I was really looking forward to the weekend because it means I get time to do some drawing or writing. Well, I’ve just had THE MOST FRUSTRATING day! I’ve been drawing and painting all morning and nothing I’m producing is any good. It’s all terrible, lacking skill or innovation and I’m really upset and embarrassed by this. 

Maybe I’m just expecting too much out of this one day. I’ve actually spent the whole day silently freaking out about how little time I have left to draw or paint because I have events on this evening. I sometimes get upset about how little time I get to work on my own projects and I just really needed today to be productive. All this expectation has just sucked all the fun out of drawing, which is awful!

So I’m going to give it another go tomorrow. A few articles I’ve read this week said it’s better to do “creative” work when you’re tired, so I might spend tomorrow morning writing a review of some other Jeremy Renner film I’ve seen (celebrity crushes are a sickness!), and then spend the afternoon drawing. 

And if all that bombs, I will seek this quote by Ira Glass:


How do you combat days where you want to be productive and create, but nothing is working?